A3 Report Storage

A3 3-Ring Binder

A3 3-Ring Binder

So you have a mountain of A3 Reports that you spent hours tirelessly updating. On each page there are hand written notes about problems, potential solutions to these problems, and examples on how to move forward. All of which is invaluable yet quickly discarded at the end of each project.

Discarding these documents is natural to the process, and anyone who uses the popular A3 reporting system like Toyota Motor Corporation will trash the A3 report once completed. Unfortunately therein lies a problem with the process, when you discard the A3 reports you have just thrown away production time. Filing the A3 report is also near impossible because that would require a specialized cabinet from HONG KONG…

 So its either the trash or piled up on top of a filing cabinet.


A3 White Copy Paper

A3 White Copy Paper

Not anymore, 11×17 Inc. had developed an A3 size 3 ring binders perfect for storing your A3 reports. They feature a 2” Angle-D Ring that can also incorporate your letter size paper. The 3 hole punch pattern is the same as your regular size paper so there is no need for an expensive European hole punch. Each binder uses clear outside pockets that will allow users to identify each report and customize to their specifications.

 A3 reports have changed Toyota Motor Corporation into an efficient and very productive manufacturing company, do you think they would waste their time by trashing their hard work?

“Me neither.” So save your documents, and save your companies time, by keeping them in an A3 Ring Binder made by 11×17.com.

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