Buy A4 Binders Made in the USA

A4 White Copy Paper

A4 White Copy Paper

Unless you’re in Venezuela or England A4 Binders are not that easily obtained. A4 as it is most commonly referred to as 210 x 297mm or 8.27 x 11.7” which is actually very close to the American Letter size 8.5 x 11”.

A4 4-Ring Binders

A4 4-Ring Binders

Primarily A4 is used in countries and territories that use the metric measuring system, hence the mm sizes. So why use A4 here in the United States? When businesses are working with other companies overseas those documents may require all hard copies sent to the overseas entity. The problem with doing this type of business is finding reliable A4 Binders.

That’s where the good people at Ruby Paulina LLC. come in to save the day. Ruby Paulina LLC., a United States Manufacturer has started producing:

These binders are currently sold via their retail providers like 11× There you will find these binders in white and black featuring clear outside pockets. Visit their website today for your A4 Binder needs. Then the next time your working on a project that’s crossing the pond, you will know they will be stored in a quality A4 Ring Binder.

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